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Pickup / Dropoff Station Directly in front of the Hilton

The transportation system commonly known as the people-mover project will shuttle tourists around Niagara Parks Commission and City properties. There will be three routes and several drop-off and pick up routes. The new brand name is WEGO - WEGO is a fun pairing of two words: "WE," communicating friendship and social activity, and "GO," suggesting adventure and exploration. It was chosen as the brand name and identity because it easily distinguishes the Niagara Falls Visitor Transportation System from the conventional municipal system.

WEGO Green Line - Niagara Parks (Parkway)
WEGO Blue Line - Fallsview Boulevard to Clifton Hill (North/South)
WEGO Red Line - Lundy's Lane (East/West)
WEGO Purple Line - Downtown Queen Street (Loop)

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